Controls if you are using a keyboad: Z/C to cast spells, X to jump, left and right keys to walk.

Controls if you are using a Xbox controller: use the left analog or the dpad keys to walk, X/R2 to cast spells and A to jump.

Nine Dreams is a platform game made by a group of 13 people. The theme, provided by the first Winter Game Jam at Positivo, was "solution". In Portuguese, the word can be interpreted in two different ways: solution itself or a loud hiccup.

So, our team, named Dream Team, decided to take the hiccup way. The main idea was to create a platform game, which you live in nine different dreams. To go from one dream to another, you need to solve a puzzle. Plus: your character hiccough everytime you cast a spell.

Well, it was our first time as a big team and we were at the beginning of our course at college, so we decided to use Construct 2 to make the game. And things didn't go as planned. Due to that, what we managed to finish until the time was over, is what you may play now. There are no puzzles and the final boss does not work.

We thought about finishing the game after the jam had finished, but the team split up. Maybe one day we'll get to finish it, though.

P.S.: I don't know every's account of all the Dream Team integrants, but the credits were properly given to everybody in the Credits section in the game.

P.S. 2: Unfortunately, I couldn't translate the game to English as we lost some of the files. To help those who don't speak Portuguese, the credits are in the following order: game designers, programmers, artists, music and special thanks.

Thanks for playing it!

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Published64 days ago
AuthorsPalups, lara.ports
Tags2D, Anime, Singleplayer
Player countSingleplayer

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