"Ice Cold Love" is a puzzle game in which the main goal is to help the couple of penguins find their way to each other again. However, you need to be careful with the over-friendly seals. They are huggable, but they hurt!

Controls: use the mouse in the menu and the arrow keys to play the game.

This game was made for the first Kong Game Jam at Kongregate. The theme was attraction. So, inspired by the game "Binary Land", my colleague and I created our version of it, in which one penguin attracts the other in a romantic way.

Both of us programmed and did all the pixel art. The game won the Judge's Choice award "Best Awww Moment"! And as it was our first project as a duo, it was an incredible surprise to win an award!

We are planning to continue this project, so you may hear about it again in the future!

Thank you for playing our game!

AuthorsPalups, Mylla Sasaki
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Nice game. It reminds me of the old game of NES I played long ago :).

For the 3rd level, it was funny when the pink penguin could eat all the fish for itself while the blue penguin just watch while trapped.

Also, nice censoring of description that seal actually eats penguin xD.


The game also can be more polished better :).

Here are some bugs/glitches I found when playing:

  • Life number is the same after game completion.
  • Also means if game over, then the game stays game over when starting new game
  • Score didn't reset when starting new game after game completion
  • Minus score (probably if that counts as glitch)
Some suggestion:
  • Make the time limit much shorter, to make it more relevant with the difficulty

Good luck if you are planning with more contents and updates of the game in the future :).


We must tell you that we haven't noticed the fact that the pink penguin ate all the fishes by herself xD

Thanks for listing all the bugs/glitches you have found. We rushed to finish the game and we ended up leaving some things behind.

Also, thank you for the suggestions. We'll make sure it'll be fixed in a definitive version in the future!


You're welcome ;).