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I was supposed to recreate the Street Racer, from Atari 2600, programming in C, with CLR Project in Visual Studio. But I couldn't finish it.

I got stuck trying to make the enemies appear and do all the stuff they should do. So, I'll make the project files available to download. What if it turns to be useful to someone, right? Or maybe someone decides to help me finish the code xD

Controls: press Enter at the menu in order to play the game. Then, use left/right arrow keys to move the right car and A/D to move the left car.

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Published63 days ago
Tags8-bit, atari, Racing
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

The file onlyTheGame.zip is the game itself. Just unzip it and open the .exe file.

The projectFiles.zip is the rest of the project, with all the files and stuff (in case you want to use/see something or whatever).


onlyTheGame.zip (133 kB)
projectFiles.zip (6 MB)

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