This game was made for the first Paralympic Game Jam at PUCPR. The objective was to create a game that people with disabilities could play with people without disabilities. For some reason, we decided to make 3 games in 1:

Target Shooting: a game made for blind people. When you pass the pointer of the mouse on the balloons, it makes a sound, and you know when you have to shoot.

Swimming Game: a game made for deaf people. All you have to do is read the instructions and try to beat your opponent.

Wheelchair Race: at the Jam, this game could be played with a Makey Makey, and that was the idea – a game that could be played with only a single touch when needed, making it easier for people with motor disabilities.

Controls: use the arrow keys to navigate the main menu. Use the mouse to click in the Return button when a game is over and to shoot the balloons at Target Shooting. Other instructions can be found inside the game.

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